Ministry of Health issued #public notification on seasonal flu (Tshadrem)!

Please consider using MSPCL’s #Zephel Rhododendron Hand Sanitizer to cleanse your hands and stay away from those harmful germs. When you buy MSPCL products you are not only assured of its quality but you also support those marginalized communities livelihoods and conservation of medicinal plants resources. This particular product is developed with Rhododendrons sourced from the pristine mountains of Bhutan in line with Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) framework. As per the #ABS agreement, MSPCL not only shares certain percent of proceeds with the Lingshi community group(80+ members) and Bhutan ABS fund but also pays a premium price for the material.
According to laboratory test carried out by Drungtsho Jigme Singye during his MSc research projects at RCDC, it is found to be very effective in sanitizing hands. Thank you Drungtsho very much!

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