Quality Assurance and Research Department

 Quality Assurance & Research Department is the backbone of the company which ensures that the products and services of the company are as per the regulatory requirements and market authorization. MSPCL is regulated by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Bhutan for the manufacture of Traditional Medicines. Accordingly, the manufacturing of medicines is done as per the Product Registration Dossiers submitted to the Regulatory Authority. Menjong Sorig believes in the production of quality traditional medicines and herbal products to survive in this modern health conscious and well-informed society. The Department continuously assesses, monitors and evaluates products, services, procedures and systems in our perpetual effort to produce only the best products that are fit for intended purposes.

 Quality Assurance Division

Quality Assurance is responsible for ensuring consistent Quality, Safety and Efficacy of Products through continuous quality improvement program. The QA focuses on building, establishing and strengthening quality systems in the process. The quality assurance program is deployed right from the collection of medicinal plants and post-harvest care in the fields to in the process control of manufacturing Traditional Medicines and other herbal products.

Monograph on Traditional Medicines of Bhutan for both raw materials and finished products, Quality Manual, Standard Operating Procedures and work instructions among others are used as references for ensuring consistent and reliable Quality products. This division is also responsible for liaising on regulatory matters with the Drug Regulatory Authority of Bhutan.

 Quality Control Division

The QC Laboratory has very systematic and stringent procedures in place that ensures the production of quality products consistently and continuously. We take our commitment very seriously and accept no compromise on the quality of our products and services at all times under all circumstances. We ensure adherence to the GMP requirements for the production of herbal medicines and products. This is particularly critical in a pharmaceutical company where the products and services directly affect the lives of human beings and as such the consistency of product quality within the defined limits must be maintained at all times to ensure their efficacy and safety. The QC division monitors and tests all incoming starting materials and excipients, packaging & printed matters, in process/Intermediate products, and finished products for compliance to pre-defined specifications.

 Research & Development Division

Research & Development efforts are focused on authentication of species, building quality parameters both for raw materials and finished products, standardization of production processes, defining process methods and acceptance criteria and new product developments. Identification of medicinal plants, surveys and mapping of medicinal plants availability across the country for sustainable production of Traditional Medicines is also carried out by this Division among other responsibilities. Recently, few new products were launched namely, soap nut soap, Turmeric soap, Himalayan Goose berry anti-wrinkle lotion, Rhododendron Hand sanitizer, Menjong Arura Liquid soap, etc.

 R&D division is also responsible for providing trainings to the Farmers and Community groups on sustainable and good collection practices of medicinal plants and post-harvest care to ensure and maintain consistent quality of materials in collaboration with relevant stakeholders both within and outside MSPCL.