Traditional Medicines

Bhutan, with its unique geographical setting, is known for its rich biodiversity. Of this biological wealth, medicinal plant species are believed to alleviate suffering and promote health and wellbeing of the people. Because of its richness in its medicinal plant diversity, it is sometimes referred as Men-jong, meaning ‘land of medicinal plants’. The origin of science of healing is traced to Buddha and perpetually developed and strengthened by Yuetho Yonten Genpo and other eminent practitioners in Tibet. In Bhutan, Tenzin Drugay introduced this science of healing in 16th century.


With a noble objective of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of producing & delivering traditional medicines, the Royal Government of Bhutan (the Government) corporatized the erstwhile Production and Research Unit (PRU) of the Department of Traditional Medicines (DTMS) under the Ministry of Health (MOH) as Mengjong Sorig Pharmaceuticals Corporation Limited (MSPCL). The MSPCL (the Company) was registered under the Companies Act (2016) of Kingdom of Bhutan in October 2017. The ownership of the company was officially transferred under Druk Holding and Investments Limited from the year 2021.


Traditional medicine is now being produced using modern science and technology based on principles of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) but not forgetting its roots ( and sanctity of the past, a tested knowledge and medical system that has benefited human beings for generations in protecting human lives and alleviating human sufferings of both mental and physical pains.


At present, the Company produces about 120 TM products that constitute as National Essential Traditional Medicines. They are produced in various dosage forms such as Tablet, Pills, Capsule, Powder, Ointment, Drop, Medicated Oil, Fermented Mixture and Syrup. 

These products are being manufactured using modern pharmaceutical GMP compliant equipment like Semi-auto Capsule filling machine, 16 station Rotary Tablet compressing Machine, Pill/coating machine, Steam jacket Extractor, Bottle filling and sealing machine, Dryers, Granulators, Grinder etc.