Production and Engineering Department

Production and Engineering Department is the main engine of the organization in manufacturing essential traditional medicines and health promoting herbal products. The manufacturing areas have designated manufacturing rooms for each product category equipped with modern machinery. Segregated storage areas for quarantine, raw materials, finished products, and packaging materials are maintained. The shop floors are monitored and supervised constantly by the designated supervisors to ensure manufacturing processes are carried out as per the GMP’s.

Currently 128 Essential Traditional Medicines are produced for the Ministry of Health in different dosage forms: Tablet, Pill, Capsule, Syrup, Powder, Herbal mixture, and Ointment. Additionally around 19 varieties of herbal products such as herbal teas, Cordyceps products, incense powder, incense sticks, Royal Turmeric capsules, etc. are manufactured for commercial sale to generate additional income for the cross-subsidization of essential medicines production that are distributed free of cost by the Ministry of Health.

Production and Engineering Department is mainly responsible for planning and authorizing medicinal products manufacturing, managing raw materials warehouse, and in managing and maintaining pharmaceutical equipments and facilities through planned preventative maintenance programs.

The Department functions through three divisions: